Museum of Broken Relationships

I stood in the line to get into Versailles for hours, I spent the whole day in Natural History Museum in London, I was trying to understand the Islamic history in David collection museum in Copenhagen, I was enchanted and outraged at the same time because of all that gold in Vatican museums. And then, there is that one little museum that I’ve visited three or four times already. And to where I take every single foreign friend that comes to visit me.


"UNTIL THE NEXT TIME IN BRATISLAVA!" After listening to a very friendly Spanish receptionist about her latest trip to my country's capital city, Bratislava, and after me telling her she should come back to my country's capital city Bratislava again soon, I hit the streets of Copenhagen. It was just us, me and Copenhagen. Noone else to travel with me, argue where to go, what to visit, or where to eat.